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Olivia Chow meme takes over the internet within hours of her big Toronto win

It didn't take too long after Olivia Chow's historic mayoral by-election win on Monday night before memes about the new mayor-elect began to sweep across social media.

On the morning after the wild by-election, a torrent of social media posts humorously called out nonexistent policy moves supposedly implemented by the mayor-elect, all poking fun at the fear spread by Chow's critics in the weeks leading up to the June 26 vote.

Several people (sarcastically) reported waking up to new bike lanes built directly through their homes on Tuesday morning.

"Do I at least get a say in where Olivia Chow puts the bike lane that goes right through my house or does she have full control over that?," asks one tweet, adding, "I'd prefer if it wasn't in my living room."

Even people well outside of Toronto joked about these new overnight bike lanes popping up in their homes.

Similar tweets played on the overhyped fears of right-wing pundits.

While others poked fun at real issues facing the Greater Toronto Area, like Doug Ford's controversial play to sell off portions of the Greenbelt to developers.

Olivia Chow is not set to begin her role as Toronto's mayor until July 12, but, if the jokes on social media are to be believed, she has already transformed Toronto into the worst fear of Fox News hosts.

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