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New video shows dump truck hanging over Gardiner median in brutal Toronto accident

A video has emerged showing the result of a terrifying crash on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto on Monday, exemplifying just how scary a car accident can get on an Ontario highway in inclement weather.

In the midst of yesterday's massive storm that brought a heavy rainfall warning anticipating 30 to 50 mm across the region in just a few hours, roads became slick and visibility was severely diminished.

On the Gardiner, this proved to be nearly deadly for one dump truck driver who somehow managed to get his truck stuck dangling across the centre median in his attempt to avoid getting in an even more serious collision.

As Toronto Police tweeted around 7:45 a.m. on Monday — during peak morning rush hour — the truck was travelling westbound on the Gardiner and was lodged perpendicular on the barrier near Park Lawn, blocking lanes in both directions.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but authorities advised commuters to avoid the arterial route given the serious delays the mess caused as the rain continued to pour down.

One-upping the photo the force shared of the crash on Twitter is a new TikTok video shot from a passing car that has garnered more than 30k views due to how it shows the scene in detail.

The quick 10-second clip shows a firetruck and traffic cones blocking multiple eastbound lanes, the front portion of the truck peeping over the concrete barrier as emergency personnel clean up the resulting debris and figure out how to remove the large vehicle.

The front end can be seen almost fully ripped from the rest of the cab, exposing the engine.

While the scene was undoubtedly a scary one, many are finding the humour in the incident and how it represents Toronto traffic, with comments like "everytime it rains the Gardiner gives us a show," and "when blocking one direction of traffic has become too easy of a challenge for Toronto drivers."

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