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TTC passengers treated to an adorable surprise during afternoon commute

Navigating the TTC during rush hour can be frustrating, between constant delays, crowded subway carts, and replacement buses. However, passengers on one train in Toronto were treated to a pleasant surprise during their afternoon commutes after an adorable operator filled in. 

In a video posted to TikTok, the arrival of the train at Line 2's Lansdowne subway station is announced by a baby voice instead of the traditional voice recordings we're used to hearing. 

@literallyshutupp it was sooooo cute oh god #ttc #toronto #subway #train #fyp ♬ original sound - Amazonzed

The young operator didn't miss a beat, and flawlessly announces, "next station is Lansdowne, Lansdowne station." 

The video has since amassed over 70k views, with lots of people sharing their memories of announcing TTC stops as kids. 

"My dad worked for TTC and if his friends were working they'd let me do this when I was little," one person said. 

"I remember I used to do this as a kid, was the best feeling ever," another comment reads. 

"The operators used to let us do this 15 years ago," one user wrote.

Others were impressed by the child's ability to read through the station announcement with more clarity than some official TTC operators. 

"Finally an announcement that can be understood," one person joked. 

"She's speaking more clearly than any other TTC personnel," another comment said. 

While it doesn't look like baby voices will be permanently replacing the traditional stop announcements on the TTC (unfortunately), we're just happy there's a kid out there who has a great story to tell their classmates. 

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Fareen Karim

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