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Toronto now has its own umbrella alley

Toronto is the latest city to receive an installation from the Umbrella Sky Project, a global movement that raises awareness for melanoma. 

In 2012, a group of artists used inspiration from Mary Poppins to produce a bright-coloured, high-energy art installation in Águeda, Portugal for the Ágitagueda Art Festival.

Attendees who walked under the umbrellas were confused and delighted, taking to social media to share their curiosity.

The photos spread like wildfire as people were interested to hear others' thoughts. Due to the mass sharing, the project gained prevalence worldwide, both for its beautiful artistry and the message in which it sends.

umbrellas toronto

Marvin Kuhn/France

Today, the umbrellas have been seen in numerous countries like the USFrance, and England. Each one puts its own spin on the project.

Toronto's Umbrella Sky Project installation has been assembled in the Stackt Market at Bathurst & Front Street West, thanks to the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund.

Melanoma is a cancerous disease that is predominantly found in those with overexposure and under-protection in sunlight.

The project aims to give locals more shade as they walk through the market while reminding them about protecting their skin. 

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