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Toronto actor documents dead raccoon waiting weeks to be removed by city

A Toronto actor took on the depressing job of documenting a dead raccoon for two weeks before it was finally removed by the city.

Kim's Convenience star Jean Yoon shared a thread on Twitter, showing the raccoon carcass lying limp on the side of Parliament Street, south of Mill Street.

"Nine days later, the dead raccoon I reported to 311 Toronto is still there, on the side of the ride on Parliament Street," she first tweeted on April 28. "It's now covered in plastic, and fortunately the weather has been coolish, but oh it's gross."

The thread highlights an ongoing issue of delays in some municipal services, like the removal of dead animals, that Toronto residents have been facing.

"Day 12 of the Dead Raccoon Watch: it was there for about two days before I called it in. I now just feel defeated every time I walk by it. I wonder if the city will ever pick it up," Yoon tweeted on May 1.

On Wednesday, the actor tweeted a day 14 update of "Dead Raccoon Watch" saying, "Poor thing is still there, but now it's has been there so long it's made the news."

She shared a CTV News story, which she later credited for pushing the city to finally remove the raccoon that afternoon.

"Rest in Peace, Dead Raccoon," Yoon said in her final update.

According to a notice from April 26, the City of Toronto advised residents of a delay for cadaver pickups, and that removals might take up to five-day waits.

It added that only skunks and large wildlife cadavers (raccoons, coyotes, deer, and opossums) will be collected.

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