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String of break-ins in Toronto neighbourhood leaves restaurant and cars shattered

One Toronto neighbourhood is grappling with the aftermath of a disturbingly violent night after a local restaurant's storefront was completely smashed and several vehicles parked on a nearby street were shattered. 

Garleek Kitchen, located at 1500 Queen Street West, is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves up Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese dishes in Parkdale. 

Over the weekend, Garleek Kitchen informed blogTO that a perpetrator had smashed the store's windows after a fight broke out in front of the restaurant. 

Garleek Kitchen also posted several stories on their Instagram regarding the incident, and announced that they would be opening for service later that day. 

"This is the third time we have been broken into and we can't claim insurance because the damage isn't high enough but we can't afford to fix the damage caused," an Instagram story from the restaurant reads. 

A video of the restaurant's storefront also shows blood splattered near the door and on the sidewalk. 

garleek kitchen toronto

Photo: Garleek Kitchen.

"The landlord called at 3:20 in the morning because there was a lot of fighting and they broke the window of our restaurant. The individuals who broke our window broke other windows in the neighbourhood and caused car damage on Roncy," Garleek Kitchen told blogTO. 

"Multiple neighbours have stopped by and told us they also called the cops. Another individual came to the restaurant and robbed us around 6:20 this morning because the police did not respond to the multiple calls." 

garleek kitchen toronto

Photo: Garleek Kitchen.

According to the restaurant, another window was smashed at an apartment above Tsampa Cafe at 1528 Queen Street West. 

Along Sorauren Avenue, multiple vehicles also had their windows smashed, although it's not clear if all the incidents were carried out by the same perpetrator. 

garleek kitchen toronto

Photo: Garleek Kitchen.

"I'm so sorry that this happened, I'll order from you just to help you get extra cash. I can't imagine how expensive the glass window must be," one person wrote under Garleek Kitchen's post. 

"This is ridiculous. You guys work so hard to build the business and someone just decided to break in and ruin everything, delay your morning business, causing extra stress. These people are ridiculous and inhumane," another comment reads. 

"This is so awful," one customer wrote. "And to the kindest family too."

Garleek Kitchen is currently working with Toronto police to review security footage from that night, and anyone with information is asked to contact the restaurant or police.

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