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People are boycotting Canadian Tire after anti-Trudeau parking lot party

Calls for boycotts against Canadian Tire have only increased following an unsanctioned anti-Trudeau party that took place on the grounds of one of its store's parking lots near Toronto. 

Flyers of the event began to circulate on social media last week, and promoted a "F*ck Trudeau" party scheduled to take place at a Canadian Tire parking lot in Oakville. 

Many customers initially believed that the retail company was actually associated with the party because of its signature logo on the flyer, however, Canadian Tire quickly confirmed that they were not affiliated with the event. 

Although one customer alleged that a Canadian Tire service representative assured her that the event would not be taking place, a small gathering did eventually form in the parking lot on Saturday. 

A neighbouring Montana's preemptively shut their doors to customers on Saturday evening, and posted a sign outside the restaurant that detailed its decision. 

"Montana's will be closed on the evening of May 13th due to a large unsanctioned gathering in the area," the sign reads. "We take the safety of our guests and teammates very seriously and apologize for any inconvenience. We're happy to welcome you back tomorrow." 

Lawyer and political satirist Caryma Sa'd was present at the rally, and uploaded several images and videos that showed the scene at the parking lot. 

Although Canadian Tire made it very clear that they were not affiliated with the event, calls for boycotts only began to amplify once people suggested that the retail company didn't do enough to stop the rally from happening. 

"@CanadianTire this is disgusting and your failure to kick them off your property is shameful," one person wrote.

"Not shopping @CanadianTire what a sad thing to allow," another response reads

Canadian Tire responded to multiple concerned comments over the weekend, writing, "Canadian Tire is not affiliated with this event. Local law enforcement was onsite Saturday and was authorized to take the necessary action to protect the safety and security of customers, store staff and community members." 

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Suarez Barboza 

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