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More wild videos emerge from chaotic opening weekend at Canada's Wonderland

More videos of the tumultuous opening weekend at Canada’s Wonderland have surfaced online, showing multiple heated fights breaking out across and outside the park. 

The amusement park officially opened for the season on Friday, May 5, and the excitement leading up to its opening weekend was overshadowed by the several altercations that led to guests being kicked out of the park by security and police. 

In one video shared with blogTO, a crowd of youngsters beside the park’s Flight Deck ride are seen filming a tense altercation that resulted in multiple punches being thrown.

Other videos uploaded on TikTok from the weekend show crowds of thrill-seekers making a mad dash to secure a spot in line for one of the park's rollercoasters, Behemoth, and fighting in front of a Starbucks location outside the park. 

Two videos filmed at the McDonald's just down the road from the amusement park also shows a group of adolescents getting into an intense fistfight. 

Wonderland Director of Communications, Grace Peacock, previously told blogTO that a number of guests were removed from the park due to "unruly behaviour and altercations" on Saturday, May 6. 

"Park security and on-site York Region Police officers responded quickly and appropriately, and several arrests were made," Peacock told blogTO. 

"Unruly behaviour has no place at Canada's Wonderland. We have enhanced our security and police presence, we are continually reviewing protocols and will take necessary action in order to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for our guests."

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