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Emergency alerts will blare across Ontario during nationwide test

Residents across Canada can expect a loud surprise next week when the Alert Ready emergency alert system conducts a nationwide test, and here's what Ontario residents need to know.

Test alerts will ring across televisions, radios, and mobile devices in 11 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 (Alberta and Quebec being the outliers, as usual) at different times throughout the day.

Ontario's test is scheduled to aggressively blare through the speakers of devices at 12:55 p.m. local time, promising a noisy end to the mid-week lunch rush.

The routine test may come as a shock for those who don't get the memo, especially in light of current global events and threats of escalation in Russia's protracted invasion of Ukraine.

The most recent Alert Ready test in Ontario back in November 2022 happened amid similar fears of a major escalation in Ukraine, and several people in the province reacted to the test in initial terror before making sense of what was actually happening.

Even when there isn't a regional conflict threatening to spill over into the wider world, a share of people will always just get generally freaked out by the sudden deafening tone and ominous implications of the national alert system in action.

Granted, unease with the tests is easy to understand, given what the piercing alert tone would mean in an actual emergency.

This is the same tone that the public would hear en masse in the event of all sorts of disasters and cataclysms, including large-scale fires, biological and radiological threats, explosives hazards, natural disasters like tornadoes, volcanoes and meteorite impacts, as well as terrorist threats and even nuclear strikes.

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