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Toronto neighbourhood targeted with bizarre flyer calling out adult trikes

Several Leslieville residents in Toronto are scratching their heads after receiving a bizarre flyer in their mailboxes that criticized the adult use of a specific three-wheeled vehicle. 

In a post to the I am a Leslievillian! Facebook page, one local resident posted an image of the flyer they received in the mail that called out adults who use trikes. 

"This is an 'adult' trike. Please respect age appropriate ROLES AND BOUNDARIES and leave the tricycles for our children," the flyer reads. 

The letter, which was signed by the "Leslieville community watch," began to make rounds on social media after dozens of people criticized the creator's message and use of time. 

leslieville toronto

The flyer received by some Leslieville residents in their mailbox. Photo via: I am a Leslevillian! Facebook page. 

"Ableism is rampant as per usual. Disabled, injured, and chronically ill people often can't ride bikes. Apparently whoever made that flyer doesn't realize disabled people exist in Leslieville," one comment reads. 

"I really wanna know who made this, maybe show yourself to see if you're really proud of your actions," another person said. 

"Why is it so difficult for people to mind their own business? What if this is an adult who wanted to learn to ride a bike as an adult? People have too much time on their hands," a Reddit user wrote. 

Others couldn't believe that someone (or a group of people) had enough time on their hands to draft the flyer, print out several copies, and distribute them across the neighbourhood. 

However, some people suggested that residents were clearly being "trolled" by someone who was attempting to pull a prank on the community. 

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I am a Leslievillian Facebook page

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