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Mississauga driver somehow slammed their luxury car into a construction pit

A luxury car owner is lucky to be walking away with minor injuries after crashing their vehicle into an excavated construction pit in Mississauga, and likely less lucky in the repair bill department.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division shared a video of the Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday evening after its driver crashed the vehicle into a below-grade construction site near Mississauga Road and the QEW.

The driver and a passenger were transported from the crash scene to hospital with minor injuries.

Commenters were brutal in their criticism of the driver, cracking jokes at the Benz owner's expense and complaining about the generally poor state of motorist skills in the Greater Toronto Area.

One Twitter user suggests that the car's GPS had a heck of a time plotting a route out of a massive hole in the ground.

Another user calls out the apparent lack of driver awareness that would have been required to enter a marked construction zone and plummet off a ledge.

A few cracked jokes poking fun at the all-too-relatable search for prime parking spots in the GTA.

"Lucky again no construction worker got injured while performing there [sic] work duty," reads one comment. The comment continues, "drivers don't give a s**t anymore SLOW DOWN and pay attention to your driving, I see it every day."

Unfortunately, in a devolving Twitter landscape, many of the comments β€” which I am not going to link β€” are racially charged, questioning the nationality of the driver and suggesting without evidence that certain backgrounds are less capable on roads than others.

The vehicle was later towed from the pit, allowing crews to resume work.

Lead photo by

OPP Highway Safety Division

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