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Metrolinx forces the closure of a hidden gem Toronto plaza

Metrolinx will be forcing the closure of an entire hidden gem plaza that contains several very old and beloved businesses, according to one of the business owners there.

Mohamed Patel has been operating at 20 Nugget Ave. in Scarborough for 20 years, running Al Amaan Supermarket and a U-Haul business at the address.

He now says everyone in the plaza is being forced to move or close due to Metrolinx expansion.

Metrolinx notified him about a year ago about the plans, and he has to be out by May 31. It's also a decision that will affect other businesses in the plaza like well regarded El Salvadorian restaurant El Pulgarcito.

"We are unable to find any relocation place for our business," Patel tells blogTO.

"All businesses in this plaza are affected, including the owner of the plaza, who is being lowballed really hard."

He says the property is worth $10 million, and Metrolinx offered the owner the below-market rate of $6 million.

"In our case as well [since] they don't want to pay any rent differentials and uphold our current lease agreements," says Patel.

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Hector Vasquez at El Pulgarcito

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