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$20 million gold heist at Pearson Airport is something out of a Hollywood movie

A multi-million dollar gold heist that occurred at Toronto Pearson International Airport earlier this week is making rounds on social media after some noted that the incident closely resembles a plot straight out of a Hollywood crime film. 

A total of $20 million worth of gold and other high-value goods were stolen from a holding cargo facility after an aircraft arrived at the airport early Monday evening, according to Peel Regional Police

Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn revealed that the "high-value container" was removed by "illegal means," and that the theft was reported to police shortly after it occurred. 

"We feel this to be an isolated incident," Duivesteyn said. "Therefore, for the travelling public that are concerned about coming and flying out, they should have no concern. We do not consider this to be a public safety matter."

Police are not certain where the gold is or if it's still in Canada, and have not made any arrests in connection with the crime. Investigators also refused to say what airline was responsible for shipping the cargo.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) revealed in a press release on Thursday that the thieves accessed the public side of a warehouse that is leased to a third party outside the primary security line. 

While police have yet to release any information about the suspects, dozens of people on social media have already named several characters as possible masterminds behind the heist.

While some pointed fingers at George Clooney's character in Ocean's Eleven, Danny Ocean, others believed a certain mobster must've had something to do with high-stakes theft. 

Some people noted that the crime closely follows a plot point in Goodfellas, when Robert De Niro's character, Jimmy "the Gent" Conway organizes his crew to raid the Lufthansa vault at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Another person joked that Ontario commercial icon, Russell Oliver a.k.a. "The Cashman" could purchase all the gold seized during the theft.

Others suggested that the theft resembles the plot of the Spanish crime television series, Money Heist

Dozens of people called on Netflix to jump on the news and have their writers get to work immediately. 

While it'll be a few years before Netflix (possibly) releases a film or documentary based on this gold heist, we'll be busy brainstorming who should be part of the ensemble cast in the meantime. 

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