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Woman claims Toronto cops woke her up for mistaken 3 a.m. wellness check

A storytime video on TikTok involving a woman in Toronto has gone viral after she claimed police woke her up in the middle of the night for a mistaken wellness check. 

TikTok creator @theunstableunicorns, also known as Riya, uploaded a four-minute-long video detailing the incident that took place on Saturday night at her apartment. 

Around 3 a.m., Riya said she heard knocking at the door, despite the fact that she didn't invite anyone over and was not expecting anyone. She said while waiting and listening to see who was at the door, someone began to shine a flashlight through her mailbox slot. 

"I'm freaking out at this point, I'm like 'Jesus Christ, is this it? Is this how I die?'" she explained in the TikTok. 

Contemplating whether or not she should call 911, Riya decided to call out and ask who was behind the door, to which they responded, "Toronto fire department." 

"At this point, I'm scrambling to get out of bed because it's 3 a.m., is there a fire in the building, like do I need to get out?" she said. 

Riya then opened the door to find two firefighters, one who was carrying an axe, and asked, "are you okay?" The firefighters then informed her that somebody had called in and requested a wellness check on her. 

"I'm like genuinely confused, I'm like do you have the right apartment? Maybe you want my neighbours," Riya explained. 

Both parties were confused, and after jotting down her information, the firefighters left and she went back to bed. However, just an hour later, Riya heard another bang at her door. 

She claims she saw three Toronto police officers standing outside her door through the peephole, and informed the cops that the fire department had just checked on her earlier. 

Riya says she was "tired and slightly irritated" after police informed her that they needed to do a more thorough check. 

"I'm like okay let me put on some clothes and then I guess I'll talk to you," she explained in the TikTok. Then, she alleges that one officer put his foot in the door.

"I'm like 'excuse me, what are you doing?' He's like, 'I can't allow you to close the door. I'm like well I can't willingly leave my door open and go get dressed knowing that there's three men at my door that I don't know." 

After plenty of back-and-forth, Riya continued to assure the officers that the whole situation was a mistake and that she was fine. However, she alleges that the officers continued to ask her to prove to them that she was okay. 

Eventually, she decided to call the police. "I'm like, I'm fine, can you please tell your officers that I'm fine so they can leave my door, and she's like, 'well, I can't do that. They have to determine whether you're okay or not.'"

Forty minutes later, Riya decided to go live on Instagram, in a desperate attempt to get anyone to help her. She claims that after Toronto police realized she was live-streaming and that she was safe, they finally left her apartment. 

"I was not harmed in any way, I just got scared because there were three men at my door, I was half-dressed, and I wasn't allowed to close my door," Riya told blogTO. "I felt like the force was extremely unnecessary." 

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