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Wild Toronto carjacker crashed a stolen car then drove off in another stolen car

Ontario Provincial Police officers in Toronto are investigating a wild carjacking case ripped straight from the plotline of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise that saw a thief crash a stolen car, attempt to steal a second car, then successfully steal a third car.

"The Toronto OPP are investigating a carjacking, a stolen vehicle, as well as a three-vehicle collision that resulted in injuries, which took place on March 8 around 9:30 p.m. at Black Creek and Jane Street," said OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt on Thursday.

Schmidt says that "one of the witnesses who had stopped to provide assistance called police to report her vehicle had been stolen from the scene by a suspect involved in that initial collision."

"Officers got to the scene, and what we believe at this point is that the suspect — again a Black male between 6' and 6'1", short braided hair wearing a hooded sweater — was operating one of the vehicles involved in that first collision."

After the initial crash, the suspect's car "was no longer drivable," according to Schmidt. When left with no means of escape, police allege the driver "got out of his vehicle and attempted to steal the witness' vehicle," only to be pushed away and thwarted in his attempt.

But the suspect had one more move up his sleeve, with Schmidt saying he next "jumped into a second vehicle that had stopped."

Schmidt says a 16-year-old passenger was in that second vehicle at the time the suspect burst in, but luckily managed to jump out before the suspect sped away from the scene with the stolen car.

The OPP believes that the vehicle initially driven by the suspect was also stolen prior to the multi-vehicle collision.

If things went down as police allege, there is some guy out there treating the GTA like the video game franchise of the same name, hopping from stolen car to stolen car after banging up the first one beyond repair.

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