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Someone was just stabbed aboard a Toronto bus in the latest shocking TTC crime

Toronto Police reported another violent incident Sunday night on the TTC, the second in a pair of weekend stabbings — including one that cost a 16-year-old victim his life — that have left Toronto transit riders shocked and concerned for their own well-being.

Police responded to reports of a man stabbed onboard a TTC bus just after midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning at Keele and Donald Street, near Eglinton Avenue West.

Officers arriving on the scene located a man with serious injuries who was transported to the hospital for treatment. The suspect fled the scene, and police state that the investigation is currently ongoing.

Police have not identified the victim or released a suspect description.

The pair of attacks came less than 48 and just over three kilometres hours apart from one another, raising longstanding concerns about safety on the TTC, particularly in the form of increasingly random acts of violence.

This latest attack came the day after the killing of 16-year-old Gabriel Magalhaes, where a 22-year-old man experiencing homelessness, identified by police as Jordan O'Brien-Tobin, approached the victim and stabbed him in what was said to be a completely unprovoked attack.

Some commenters on social media note the timing of these attacks, which come just two weeks after the rollback of police patrols on the TTC, introduced to curb concerns about incidents exactly like these.

Others argue that police patrols on public transit do little to put even a dent in crime, a stance backed up by data from a similar experiment in NYC where, despite massive increases in police patrols, subway crime increased by 30 per cent in that city during 2022, outpacing the non-transit increase in major crimes of just eight per cent.

With or without police, there is a clear sense that people are thinking twice about how they plan their commutes as the city reels from the violent effects of an unaddressed mental health crisis.

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