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Someone has been patrolling Brampton streets in a Batman costume for years

If you're from Brampton, it's likely that you've encountered the Brampton Batman at one point, or at least heard of the Flower City superhero who is known to patrol the streets late at night. 

Every now and again, clips of the Brampton Batman will resurface on social media, leading to conversations about the man's identity, as well as praise for his commitment to keeping the streets of the city safe. 

When he's not snapping pictures with starstruck children or lending a helping hand to local police, he's seen patrolling the neighbourhood's streets with his Batmobile, which is appropriately adorned with the license plate, DRKKNIGHT. 

blogTO asked the superhero to reveal his real identity, but in true Batman fashion, many of his responses were coy and mysterious, leaving lots of room for speculation about who the man behind the mask is. 

"My parents do have a full name for me," Brampton Batman told blogTO. "In regards to comic book lore, it is a secret identity." 

Several other news outlets have reported the superhero's real identity as Stephen Lawrence, who, according to his LinkedIn page, has been dressing up as Batman since April 1990.

In 1993, Lawrence lost his own father, leading to another parallel he shares with Batman's secret identity, Bruce Wayne, who watched the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha as a child. 

Brampton Batman confirmed that similar to Wayne, he does have a day job despite all the work that goes into protecting the community. 

"I participate in our society equally and fairly, as most other people," he said. 

Even in his adolescence, Lawrence's superhero instincts were laser sharp. In July 1993, he managed to run after a person who robbed a store in Markville Mall and kept them under control until police arrived.

While Batman doesn't always get along with Gothan police in the comic books, this incident solidified his transformation into a real-life superhero. 

Although 30 years have gone by since the origin of the Brampton Batman, it looks like Lawrence has no plans to stop anytime soon. 

"I have made a promise. Tragic events have ripped family members and loved ones away from me," he told blogTO. 

"When the public, and certainly when children are excited to see me, when little legs move as fast as they can with open arms to hug you, this! Is the refuel and affirmation of what I do, and that I am making good in our world." 

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