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Shocking number of people experiencing homelessness died on Toronto streets in 2022

According to new city data, Toronto saw an average of three deaths per week among people experiencing homelessness, totalling 187 reported deaths just in 2022 alone. 

Toronto Public Health (TPH) released the data on Friday, which showed that last year's total was lower than the 223 deaths reported in 2021, but significantly higher than the 128 deaths reported in 2019.

Drug toxicity was the leading cause of death for people experiencing homelessness in the city last year, resulting in nearly half — or 47 per cent — of reported deaths. 

The cause of death was unknown in 29 per cent of cases, and other top leading causes of death included cardiovascular disease (10 per cent) and cancer (5 per cent). 

The median age of death of people experiencing homelessness in 2022 was 55 years old for males and 42 years old for females, according to the City. 

For comparison, the median age for the general population in Toronto is 79 years old for males and 84 years old for females. 

Data was collected from participating agencies that serve homeless and under-housed communities, the City's Shelter Support and Housing Administration (SSHA) division, and reports submitted by The Toronto Homeless Memorial. 

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