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Good Samaritans save adorable pet bunny dumped on TTC subway tracks

This story about an abandoned pet bunny could have ended terribly, but thankfully, a group of Toronto volunteers stepped up to save the adorable creature.

Last Thursday, March 9, around 8:30 p.m., a terrified bunny rabbit was spotted running around the tracks at Rosedale Station, narrowingly avoiding a subway train as it barrelled down the tracks.

The sweet bunny was spotted and its location was quickly shared with the Rabbit Rescue group, which deals with missing or abandoned pet bunnies.

Volunteers from the group quickly sprung into action after an email was sent about the bun bun's location.

Instagram user @blancobun, who goes by the name Lousi, was one of those faithful volunteers who turned up at the station to help the animal in need.

The animal lover documented the situation, shooting video of the poor critter running around the tracks, as well as capturing footage of TTC responders saving the rabbit.

It took around an hour for the bunny to be safely captured, and she was lured with a piece of banana, Lousi told blogTO. 

The TTC confirmed that a female rabbit was retrieved by track maintenance crews, and that the situation caused no service delays.

Lousi gave the bunny the name of "Rosedale" and has had it in her care ever since, sharing an update two days ago stating the critter is the "cuddliest bunny" she's ever seen and in good health.

A picture shared with blogTO shows just how adorable and sweet little Rosedale is.

toronto ttc bunnyLousi says Rosedale is for sure an abandoned pet, which she says are frequently found in and around that specific subway station.

One clue to Rosedale's past is that her back is dyed pink; a sign that she could've been owned by a family with a child. 

"People release their bunnies all the time unfortunately once they realize it's too much work and expense and they can't take care of them anymore," she said.

Now that Rosedale is in a safe home, Lousi wants everybody to know that pets are not disposable.

"Don't buy bunnies for Easter!" she told blogTO. "It's that time of year again and we always rescue more bunnies the months following Easter because people end up dumping them after realizing that it's too much responsibility."

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