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Emergency alarm testing is taking place in Toronto and your ears will ring

If you happen to hear loud alarm bells ringing this weekend, don't worry, The Purge has not come to Toronto.

Instead, you'll be listing to the very important emergency alarm test sirens, thanks to the Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) group.

If you live between Morningside Avenue and Beechgrove Drive, from the waterfront to Lawrence Avenue East in Scarbrough, you can expect the test to happen on Saturday, March 4, at 5 p.m.

A blaring 'whoop whoop' tone will ring in your ears for two minutes, following five minutes of pure silence. The all-clear signal — a monotone sound — will ring for one minute.

This is a very important test for the people in the area, who are living close to chemical plants. Regular tests are to prepare residents for the very unlikely event of an emergency.

If that situation does arise, once sirens sound in a real emergency, residents must go inside, close all doors, windows and openings, shut off ventilation systems, turn on local radio and TV for further instructions and keep the phone lines free.

While it may be extremely annoying for locals, especially dogs and babies, it's a necessity.

As the famous saying goes, better safe than sorry. It really is just five minutes of inconvenience.

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Evan Russel

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