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Dogs aren't allowed to bark at Toronto dog park anymore

Toronto dog parks are one of the only places city pups can get in some exercise, round around and let loose. But one particular city park is attempting to silence the dogs.

Take a little stroll to St. Andrew's Dog Park near Spadina and Adelaide and you'll notice some newly installed signs asking owners to cut the noise.

The caged-off area with astroturf was specifically created for our furry friends and is centred smack dab in the middle of a residential area.

"ATTENTION: due to the closeness of area residents, do not allow your dogs to bark and disturb the neighbourhood," reads the sign.

dog park torontoI'm no Cesar Millan but I'm pretty sure it's almost impossible to stop your dog from barking, especially when it's running around and being…you know...a dog.

To make matters worse, the sign goes one step further to scare owners.

"Excessive barking will not be tolerated. Please be a responsible dog owner and follow all posted off-leash area rules."

The signs haven't sat well with local dog owners, who in a Facebook group were extremely confused and suggested emailing their local councillor for more details.

How does one exactly stop a dog from barking? Why would the city create a dog park in a residential area? What will happen if a dog "excessively" barks? Can you get a ticket for barking?

All good questions, dear reader, here is what Toronto media officials have to say; "the City works to balance the needs of a range of park users and local communities. Signage was installed at this location to remind users of the off-leash area to be considerate of nearby residents. Although barking is expected at off-leash areas, excessive barking can be disruptive to neighbours, and staff have received complaints. Dog owners should interact with their dogs while enjoying off-leash areas, and more information including locations is available on the City's website." 

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