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City of Toronto employs more than 8,000 people on the Ontario Sunshine List

The Ontario Sunshine List just dropped for 2023, providing Ontario residents with an inside look into how much public sector employees cashed out in the previous year. 

The annual list released each spring discloses salaries for any public service employee that earns more than $100K, and the list dropped last Friday covers the top salaries earned in 2022

A new report from City Hall Watcher zooms in on the top earners in Toronto specifically, and found that the City of Toronto (minus all of its agencies) employs over 8,000 people making over $100k. 

When factoring in the city's other agencies, such as the Toronto Police Service (TPS), Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and the Toronto Community Housing Corp., this number climbs to over 18,000 employees earning over $100k. 

According to the report compiled by City Hall Watcher, the TPS employs 5,198 people earning over $100k, while the TTC employs 4,804 individuals who earn salaries above this benchmark. 

Other notable agencies, such as the Toronto Community Housing Corp. employs 278 people earning over $100k, and the Public Library Board had 149 employees who earned over this amount in 2022. 

TTC CEO Rick Leary managed to take the top spot on the Toronto-focused list for the second year in a row, earning just over $470,000. 

Here are the 10 top salaries at the City of Toronto and agencies, according to the Ontario Sunshine List 2022

  1. Richard Leary, TTC - Chief Executive Officer, Salary: $473,440.21
  2. Joseph Murray, City of Toronto - City Manager, Salary: $389,980.03
  3. Eileen P. de Villa, City of Toronto - Medical Officer of Health, Salary: $373,078.03
  4. Shovita Padhi, City of Toronto - Associate Medical Officer of Health, Salary: $369,826.54
  5. Donald Ramer, City of Toronto, Police Service - Chief of Police, Salary: $355,011.51
  6. Allison E. Chris, City of Toronto - Associate Medical Officer of Health, Salary: $352,343.32
  7. Michael Finkelstein, City of Toronto - Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Salary: $350,504.17
  8. Na-Koshie Lamptey, City of Toronto - Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Salary: $340,130.78
  9. Tracey Cook, City of Toronto - Deputy City Manager Infrastructure and Development Services, Salary: $339,712.98
  10. Chung Wong, City of Toronto - Police Service, Sergeant, Salary: $339,316.64 

You can find the full 2022 Ontario Sunshine List here.

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