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Someone keeps throwing whole bananas in the stairwell of a Toronto condo building

This week in tales of the weird stuff endured by people who live in Toronto condo buildings, we have at least one apparent troublemaker who's been throwing bananas into shared stairwells up to four times a week for several weeks in a row.

I'm not talking about single banana peels, either, but multiple whole, uneaten bananas, lobbed on purpose for reasons that are unclear and confounding to those of us who love to eat bananas — regardless of how good we are at Mario Kart.

"Please be advised that over the past several weeks, and on a regular basis (3-4 times per week), someone is intentionally throwing bananas in the stairwells," reads a memo sent to residents of the building in question on Monday, March 20, 2023.

"This is not acceptable and not permitted.  Not only is this activity disrespectful to other residents and staff, but it also attracts insects and potentially rodents inside the building. Most importantly, this is dangerous."

toronto banana stairwell

Whole bananas without peels have been posing a problem for management at a condo building in Toronto recently. Nobody knows why. Image submitted to blogTO.

A trusted source sent screenshots of the email and internal memo to blogTO on Wednesday, asking that their name and address not be shared for privacy reasons.

Without revealing the address of the Toronto condo building, we can say that Wilson Blanchard Management is responsible for day-to-day operations at dozens of residential buildings across the GTA.

Founded in 1995, the property management firm has likely been faced with many challenges. Still, the sudden presence of excessive stairwell bananas came as a surprise for the tenured firm.

stairwell bananas torontoThe management team at a Toronto condo building asked this week that whomever has been throwing bananas into stairwells immediately stop. Image submitted to blogTO.

"Anyone can slip and fall on the banana(s) and cause serious injury. We request that whoever is throwing bananas in the stairwells stop immediately," reads the email send to residents of the building this week.

"We also advise that Residents exercise caution when using the stairwells. Thank you for your cooperation."

If whomever has been tossing the bananas reads this post, I would urge them to donate their extra bananas to a local food bank instead of using them to play IRL Donkey Kong or maliciously goop up hallways.

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