alberta is calling ontario

Alberta is trying to lure Ontario residents again with more targeted ads

Remember last summer when Alberta tried to lure Toronto residents over to the Texas of Canada with the promise of jobs, high wages and no traffic?

Well, the energy province is back with a new round of ads, this time targeting residents in Hamilton, London, Windsor, Sudbury, and the Maritimes.

The Alberta is Calling campaign aims to attract more skilled workers from Ontario and Atlantic Canada while also flaunting their "lifestyle attractions," like the happening city of Calgary.

Alberta undoubtedly has many great outdoor experiences, but is it worth the trade? Apparently, after the campaign's first round, some 70k people moved to the province.

The campaign website claims Alberta is the nation's sunniest province with over 300 days of sunshine, which sounds very appealing considering Toronto's extremely dark winter.

But of course, the main draw of the campaign is affordability, which claims the average price of a home is $420k - "the average cost of a new home is half of what you would pay in Ontario and BC."

"As Alberta continues to create jobs, attract investment and diversify its economy, we are once again putting out a call for skilled workers to join our great province and appreciate the quality of life that Alberta has to offer. It is the Renewed Alberta Advantage, and I encourage more people to experience it for themselves," said Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development, Brian Jean, of the campaign.

While it appears the province's first campaign did work in bringing over a new workforce, I'm not sure it will again.

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