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Panic and wild theories emerge as latest UFO shot down over Lake Huron in Ontario

The UFO hysteria officially reached Ontario on Sunday, and was then promptly shot out of the skies by a U.S. Air Force fighter jet.

The Pentagon revealed that a U.S. F-16 aircraft shot down an unidentified object over Lake Huron just before 2:45 p.m. Sunday, the fourth such takedown over North American skies in just over a week.

Videos of the incident that blogTO have not yet independently verified are circulating on social media, showing a wobbly object that appears to float erratically.

U.S. officials have been tight-lipped about the shootdown, though an anonymous Air Force source described the object as octagonal in shape with strings hanging off it. Even Air Force General Glen VanHerck told reporters that he was unwilling to rule out aliens or other wild theories.

Though, like the UFO itself, theories about extraterrestrial visitors are being shot down by social media commenters.

People have some reasonably plausible earthly explanations for what the object could have been.

Others are just taking the concept of an octagonal flying object and running with it.

Officials say that while the object did not pose an immediate military threat, it is believed to have had surveillance capabilities, and its altitude of 20,000 feet posed a threat to domestic air traffic.

It is believed that the object was the same one recently detected overflying sensitive nuclear sites in Montana. Interestingly, this latest shootdown occurred not too far from the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, one of the world's largest nuclear power plants.

The craft reportedly fell into Canadian waters, and recovery efforts are underway.

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Jack Landau

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