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Toronto ranked the most romantic city in Canada

Paris has its twinkling lights, Venice its intimate gondola rides, and Ibiza is a veritable whirlpool of chemical happiness and club love. As for Toronto? Well... we have a lot people buying shareable couple's sex toys online.

This is enough, by at least one standard, to make ours the most romantic city in Canada., a site that bills itself as one of the largest "sexual health and wellness retailers" in the country, just released its annual sexiest cities ranking ahead of Valentine's Day 2023.

While Toronto topped the list for romance, The 6ix actually ranked seventh overall in terms of sexy cities, beaten out by Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and London, Ontario.

canada sexiest cities

The sexiest cities in Canada were determined based on how many sex toys were bought per capita in any given location over 2022. Image via PinkCherry.

Keep in mind that this is not based on how attractive (or sexy) a city's population is, but solely on consumer purchasing behaviour.

Calgary residents purchased more than 100 sex toys per square kilometre ted between Jan. 1 and Dec. 30 of 2022, according to PinkCherry, making it Canada's "sexiest city" for the third straight year.

"Halifax, NS, moved into the top 10 and took second place with no shortage of sexy secrets. Their favourite BDSM accessory was handcuffs, a great companion to one of their top-purchased toys, the We-Vibe Unite," reads a release from PinkCherry announcing this year's ranking.

"Following closely behind, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Ottawa make up Canada's Top 5 Sexiest Cities."

toronto most romantic

PinkCherry released an infographic alongside its ranking of Canada's sexiest cities in 2022 with some interesting facts and figures. Image via PinkCherry.

Toronto isn't viewed by most as a particularly "romantic" destination, at least not on the world stage, but PinkCherry deemed the city as such based on its 2022 sex toy purchases.

"Toronto was head over heels in love, and wins the title of Most Romantic City, purchasing the largest amount of shareable couples' toys," writes the retailer.

Toronto was also "the most prepared going into the Year of the Rabbit," according to the company, purchasing more than double the amount of rabbit vibrators than any other city.

You can view the full ranking of Canada's sexiest cities with populations over 300,000 on PinkCherry's website, as well as a ranking of hundreds of towns with populations below that threshold (Colwood, British Columbia, was named sexiest town this time around.)

Here were Canada's top 10 sexiest big cities on 2022, based on the most sex toy sales per person, and nothing else, clearly:

  1. Calgary, Alberta
  2. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  3. Edmonton, Alberta
  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  5. Ottawa, Ontario
  6. London, Ontario
  7. Toronto, Ontario
  8. Vancouver, British Columbia
  9. Surrey, British Columbia
  10. Hamilton, Ontario
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