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Somebody in Ontario just won a $5 million jackpot and might not even know it yet

Lottery players, please pay attention: You may have a gigantic jackpot-winning ticket sitting in your pocket, and I might just be able to help you cash in on it. 

The February 1 LOTTO 6/49 Classic Draw ticket worth $5 million has been sold and will soon be ready to claim.

And that lucky ticket was purchased in Kitchener - meaning all lotto-playing Kitchenerites should grab their tickets, open up their Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG) apps, or run to the nearest convenience store to double-check their ticket.

If you have the numbers 08, 22, 23, 24, 34 and 38 printed on your OLG ticket stub from Feb. 1, you are now $5 million richer.

That lucky person just beat some substantial odds, around 1 in 13,983,816, to win those currently unclaimed millions. 

But even if your numbers aren't an exact match, don't lose all hope - there are other prizes (though, worth less than the gigantic $5 million) ready to be claimed.

The OLG says one LOTTO 6/49 Gold Ball Draw ticket worth a cool $1 million was sold on their website, meaning that winner could be anywhere in Ontario.

And two ENCORE tickets, each worth a not-too-shabby $100K, were sold in Vaughan and Nepean, respectively.

Get out there and check your tickets, Ontario. You could be a whole lot richer and not even know it yet.

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