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Ontario mom bought the very last lottery ticket in the store and it won her big bucks

One Ontario woman has just cashed in big thanks to a lone holiday-edition scratch card from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

Dental industry worker Amber Kooiman of Bradford is now $250,000 richer, courtesy of an INSTANT HOLIDAY FORTUNE scratcher that just so happened to be the last lottery ticket in the store.

The 40-year-old mother was looking to purchase some tickets and found that this holiday card was the only one available. Everything other ticket had already been purchased at the Zehrs location on Woodbine Avenue in Keswick.

Lucky for her, that single lonely ticket ended up changing her life for the better with a quarter million bucks.

"I took that as a sign and am so glad I did!" she said of the lone ticket while picking up her novelty cheque at the OLG prize centre in Toronto.

Kooiman was, as you can imagine, not expecting to win at all, and was entirely shocked when she scanned the code with her OLG app and realized the jackpot was hers,

"My coworkers were around me when I scanned it and they were all so happy and celebrating with me. I was still in disbelief."

For Kooiman, who had been manifesting this win for some time now, the shock has yet to wear off.

"It's hard to articulate this feeling – it's exciting and life changing. I always said I was going to win one day, and it happened," she said.

Now her days will be filled with finishing up some home renovations, taking a well-earned family trip to Europe and saving some coins for her son's education.

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