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Ontario man thought his big lottery win was a glitch after 35 years of playing

After three and a half decades of playing the lottery to no avail, an Ontario man was completely astonished to finally claim his big win — so much so that he was convinced it was all just a technical glitch.

John Liscombe of Oshawa walked into a Petro Canada on Victoria Street in Whitby late last year and walked out with a LOTTO 6/49 ticket worth a whopping $100,000.

That ticket would go on to win a LOTTO 6/49 Super Draw prize worth $100K, a huge payoff for the 53-year-old after decades of trying his luck with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) games.

The prize was one of ten $100K guaranteed prize draw cheques handed out for the December 24, 2022 LOTTO 6/49 draw, and it certainly took a while for the odds to catch up with Liscombe.

After playing the lottery for 35 years, Liscombe says this is his first big win. He didn't believe it at first, telling officials at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto, "I checked my ticket on the OLG App and thought there was a glitch. I couldn't believe it. I checked it numerous times."

Liscombe's wife, daughter, and mother also didn't believe him at first, but upon seeing the evidence for themselves, he says, "They were very happy!"

He plans to use some of his newfound wealth to treat his family to a celebratory dinner, and potentially towards some travel. "I may also take a trip to Vancouver," he said.

It will also allow Liscombe to pay off some bills, telling OLG officials, "This is a weight lifted off my shoulders."

It may not be a massive life-changing prize compared to other recent lottery winners, and one can only wonder what the collective 35-year cost of regularly purchasing tickets adds up to, but Liscombe seems pretty happy about the massive novelty cheque and the cash it represents.

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