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Dina Pugliese is leaving Breakfast Television after 16 years because of burnout

Dina Pugliese is leaving Breakfast Television.

There have been many hosts in Toronto synonymous with breakfast shows and it seems like a rotating door of personalities. However, it's rare for hosts to last over a decade in the same role.

Today, Breakfast Television host Dina Pugliese announced she is calling it quits after "feeling a bit burnt out".

Pugliese joined the popular show BT in 2006 replacing host Liza Fromer as co-anchor with former host Kevin Frankish.

The Woodbridge native hosted many shows under the CityTV banner such as Canada’s Got Talent, MuchMusic VJ Search, and the ever so popular New Year’s Eve show at Nathan Phillips Square.

"After just over 16 sweet years of sharing your mornings and laughter with you, it's been a blessing. I have decided it is my time and step down and leave the show." Pugliese announced on the show Wednesday morning. She added "All I’m doing is tossing out my 2:30 a.m. alarm clock and that's it".

Just a few months ago, another BT anchor left the show. In October 2022, Melanie Ng left to spend more time with family.

"The hours never got easier," Pugliese says. "I find more and more it has taken both a mental and physical toll. We got to listen to ourselves. We know the importance of our health. I'm taking it to heart, I’m listening."

The longtime BT anchor added "I’ll keep in touch as much as I can because I’m a bit burnt out."

Many loyal BT viewers were quick to react to the announcement on social media.

Pugliese's former co-anchor, Kevin Frankish also sent a message

A former BT employee shared the difficulty of waking up early in the morning and how that affected their lives as well.

Pugliese will be signing off the show on Friday, February 24th, 2023.

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