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People outraged after car barrels down Mississauga highway in wrong direction

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are on the hunt for the driver of a vehicle seen roaring along a Mississauga highway travelling in the wrong direction, and social media commenters are basically foaming at the mouth with anger at this latest display of unsafe driving.

The OPP Highway Safety Division shared the shocking video of a driver travelling in the wrong direction on Highway 403 at Hurontario Street, nearly hitting several vehicles along the way.

Dashcam video of the incident shows a dark pickup truck slamming on its brakes to avoid the oncoming black Chevrolet sedan.

Police describe the driver as an elderly female with dark hair, a description corroborated by at least one witness on Twitter.

Some think the driver's age could be an indication that she was experiencing confusion or medical distress at the time of the incident.

Others believe alcohol may have been involved.

Comments on the video range from sympathy to outrage, including anger directed at the driver, Ontario's licencing system, and even the medical professionals who oversee the driver's care.

Some comments could be interpreted as xenophobic, like one blaming the incident on language comprehension with zero evidence to support such a claim. Others were quick to correct these assumptions.

One response, which I'm convinced is not satire, even blames the wrong-way driver incident on vaccinations.

Police are still searching for the vehicle and ask anyone with information on this vehicle to call (905) 858-8670 to assist in the investigation.

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