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TTC riders shocked as homophobic yelling match breaks out on a packed bus

A cramped Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) commute is never a fun experience, but a recent spat on a packed bus took a very ugly and hateful turn.

In a video sent to blogTO by a reader, footage captures bus riders crammed into a tight space when a verbal fight breaks out between a man and a woman.

It is alleged that the woman was growing agitated over the number of people packing onto the vehicle and how close other passengers were standing to her, raising her voice in anger.

It is when two other male passengers told the woman to stop yelling that the situation devolved into an ugly shouting match.

In the first few seconds of the video, you can hear one of the men bicker back and forth with the woman, where the female passenger drops the homophobic f-word multiple times.

She continues to say the slur and other disgusting homophobic remarks, which blogTO has censored.

The commuter who shared the video with blogTO claims that the two men were trying to defend themselves from the barrage of hate, though this only angered the woman more.

He states that other commuters were fed up with the yelling, and some can be heard calling the woman homophobic, which the angered passenger denies.

Other passengers tell the woman to get off the bus as she continues to yell.

The video ends in a crescendo of yelling and raised voices, a horrific scene for all riders involved.

We all know that an overloaded TTC bus isn't the best place to be stuck after a long day of work, but it should never, ever reach this level of hate.

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