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Ontario lotto winner gets laughable two-buck bonus on top of $1 million prize

Big lottery wins happen almost daily in Ontario, but one Milton resident got a little extra icing on the cake of their recent seven-figure win.

Or enough money to maybe buy half a can of cake frosting in this economy.

David Treadaway of Milton won a very significant amount of money, along with a very insignificant bonus, matching all seven ENCORE numbers in exact order in the Oct. 14, 2022 LOTTO MAX draw for a $1 million prize.

His ENCORE selection won him another $2.00 (zeros added for dramatic effect), bringing his winnings to the nominally more impressive total of $1,000,002.

The only comparable situation I can conjure up is the anticlimactic feeling one would probably experience upon being elected as the leader of the free world, and then learning they've also been given a position on their condo board.

While collecting his prize in Toronto, the 50-year-old — who plays the lottery regularly — told Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) officials that he "discovered my win when I was checking my tickets using the OLG App," adding that he was shocked at the realization.

Absorbing the fact that he had just won big, Treadaway quickly shared the surprising news with his wife and mother-in-law.

"This is life-changing," said Treadaway, who says he will use his winnings "to pay off the mortgage, complete some renovations and go on a nice trip."

Treadaway was presented with a giant novelty cheque for an OLG photo-op to celebrate his newfound wealth, though it looks like they shorted him those two bucks, as the cheque reads an even million.

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