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Ontario lottery winner thought he only won $250 until he put his glasses on

A tiny error in reading the situation quickly turned into a life-changing celebratory moment for one Ontario man after winning big in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's (OLG) DAILY GRAND draw.

Bruce Borowski says he was "dreaming big" when he recently purchased a DAILY GRAND lottery ticket back in November, though he admits he rarely plays the lotto.

And when the 67-year-old was back at home in London checking the ticket with his OLG app, the signature celebratory 'Winner! Gagnant!' tune ringing across the house might've distracted Borowski for just a moment.

"The winning tune was so loud. I saw the Big Winner screen and thought I won $250 at first," he said.

That is, until he noticed the comma.

Looking at the app more intently, he realized that he did not, in fact, win $250. Instead, the lucky Borowski actually matched all five main numbers to win something much, much bigger.

"When I put on my glasses and saw the comma, I realized I won $250,000! I couldn't fully accept it was real until I brought it to the store."

Now with some extra coin in the bank, Borowski says he is able to pursue his dream of technical product development and vows to make good with his jackpot.

"Not a single penny of this win will be wasted. It will be saved and invested, and I will use some to upgrade my vehicle," he told the OLG upon collecting his winnings.

This lucky ticket was purchased at the Neighbours Convenience Store in London, Ontario.

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