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Ontario residents advised to check their pockets after sale of $48 million lottery ticket

Someone in Ontario has a winning $48 million lottery ticket in their possession right now, according to provincial gaming officials — that is, unless they accidentally threw it away or lost it or something, which would be tragic.

Tony Bitoni, director of media relations for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), announced to reporters on Sunday that the winning ticket for Saturday night's LOTTO 6/49 GOLD BALL draw had been sold to someone who is now likely rich beyond their wildest dreams, and might not even know it yet.

"I'm excited to announce that the winning ticket... worth $48 million was sold in Ontario!" said Bitoni in an email. "To be more specific, the winning ticket was sold somewhere in Sault Ste Marie!"

An ENCORE prize-winning ticket worth $1 million was also sold to a customer for the Jan. 7, 2023, draw. That customer is said to have purchased their ticket on OLG.ca.

"OLG is booking in-person prize claim appointments at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto," notes the gaming corporation." We strongly encourage those with claims between $1,000 and $49,999.90 to submit them online or mail them in."

According to Bitoni, some 25 new millionaires have been created in Ontario since the launch of a new LOTTO 6/49 format this past fall, in September of 2022.

"These new millionaires won either the guaranteed $1 million prize from the GOLD BALL draw or the $5 million CLASSIC jackpot," he says.

"The Classic Draw offers a fixed $5 million jackpot for every draw, while the Gold Ball Draw guarantees a $1 million prize, or the growing jackpot that starts at $10 million and can exceed $60 million."

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