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18-year-old Ontario lottery winner took a driving test just to get ID to claim prize

As if winning the lottery at a young age isn't impressive enough, one winner also managed to pass the driving test. The reason: they needed a second form of identification to claim the prize.

Ella Samojlenko is an 18-year-old student who lives in Kanata, a suburban district of Ottawa. Samojlenko stopped at a Circle K and bought a lottery ticket as a birthday present for a friend.

While there, they made what would turn out to be a truly lucky decision.

"I decided to buy some Instant tickets for my friend's birthday – so I purchased one for myself and one for my friend," they said.

After playing an Instant Bingo ticket, Samojlenko scanned the ticket and couldn't believe the result.

"I checked my ticket on the OLG App and was surprised to see I won $50,000!" they said.

Samojlenko hurried to tell the family, all of whom were "in disbelief."

"I never thought it was possible to win," said Samojlenko. "I was also in disbelief — I never thought it was possible to win."

But there was a catch: a second form of identification was required to claim the prize.

"I didn't have two pieces of identification, so I took my driver's test before coming to the prize centre," said Samojlenko.

"I'm so excited — I won the lottery, and I got my driver's license within 24 hours!"

Samojlenko already has plans for their winnings.

"I will invest most of it into stocks and maybe some into a future tattoo business," they said while at the OLG Prize Centre to pick up the big cheque. "I'm so excited – it feels unreal!"

Samojlenko purchased the winning ticket at Circle K on Eagleson Road in Kanata.

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