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Driver parks on sidewalk at major Toronto intersection to use ATM

A bizzare scene unfolded in downtown Toronto on Boxing Day, and one Toronto vlogger managed to capture the whole ordeal on camera. 

Johnny Strides posts daily videos and livestreams exploring different parts of the city on his YouTube channel. 

What began as a seemingly normal Boxing Day livestream resulted in a peculiar turn of events when one driver made an interesting parking decision. 

In the livestream on Dec. 26, Johnny was walking through downtown Toronto, before approaching the Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West intersection around the 45-minute mark. 

While heading northbound on Spadina Avenue, Johnny captured a dark grey Honda Civic flashing its blinker, turning and finally stopping on the sidewalk (45:36). 

"What is this car doing? Really?" Johnny said while filming the car making the highly dangerous and illegal move. 

In the next scene, the driver appears to leave the car (still parked on the sidewalk) to use an ATM. 

"That is unbelievable," Johnny said. "That car has a person under the influence perhaps, under the influence of stupidity." 

The video, which was also posted to Johnny's Tik Tok, has already amassed thousands of likes and confused comments. 

"Why do people think hazard lights just magically get rid of parking laws?" one person asked. 

"Someone tag the police and see what happens," another person said. 

Although it's unclear if the driver of the vehicle was held accountable for their actions, there's plenty of digital proof floating around to justify any consequences. 

Lead photo by

Johnny Strides

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