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mississauga bus fight

Wild video of violent assault on Mississauga bus has everyone in shock

Passengers on a MiWay bus recently witnessed a violent and suspected random attack.

Video shared not long ago on Twitter shows an altercation between two men as the Mississauga bus was parked.

The first man is captured yelling at a second man, who covers his head with his heads, clearly afraid things would get physical.

The first man continues to yell and lunge forward towards the seated man but the video angle does not show the entirety of the fight.

Frightened passengers can be heard exclaiming "oh my god" and "we need to call the police" as they quickly shuffle off the bus.

It's unknown if the two men know each other, what prompted the interaction or if escalated physically.

Comments on the video state the first man exited the bus somewhere near Hurontario and Matheson.

Peel Regional Police Cst. Mandeep Khatra confirmed the incident occurred on Wednesday, Nov. 25 after a bystander alerted the force to
"a disturbance on a bus."

The bystander indicated one male assaulted another male and that the alleged culprit had exited the bus prior to police response.

The victim remained on the bus and declined any help from the ambulance and told police he did not want to file a report or speak with any officers.

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