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No sympathy for Toronto woman who loves Cactus Club and majorly regrets move to Alberta

An article about a woman from the Toronto area who complained about moving to Alberta — and eventually moved back home — has sent Albertans into a frenzy online.

If you have been on Twitter or Reddit lately, yeah, we are talking about *that* article, published by Toronto Life yesterday.

The piece, headlined with "I moved to Alberta and hated everything about it. After three months, I came back to Toronto," profiles the experience of a 33-year-old woman who moved from "Mississauga to Edmonton to Mississauga" again within the span of three months.

The article has since gained traction across social media, including the Alberta Reddit community, where it has amassed hundreds of comments, with many questioning the way the woman planned her life out in Alberta, along with her moving to a bedroom community outside of Edmonton, not the City of Edmonton itself.

"The secret is you need to move to Regina first from Toronto/Vancouver then Alberta will seem like a thriving metropolis," wrote one user, with another chiming in, "It’s almost like fully uprooting your life without any planning can turn out to be a huge f*cking mistake."

"To be honest, I don't know what the point of the article was, really? Was she just complaining simply to complain? A warning to millennials?" added another.

Naturally, the piece caught fire on Twitter, with "Leduc" and “Cactus Club” trending in Canada due to all the chatter about the piece.

The official Cactus Club Twitter account has even gone into private mode; however, it's not known if it was due to the attention it was receiving from the article.

The reaction to Toronto Life‘s tweet about the article was plenty, garnering hundreds of replies and quote tweets. Have a gander at them all, they are pretty golden!

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