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Toronto woman says cops blew her off as people tried to break into her home

If you want the police to show up at your home lickety split when someone is trying to break in, you'd better get shot or stabbed.

This is the message one Toronto woman walked away with after trying to solicit help from the cops on Monday night during an active home invasion attempt. 

Sahar Olivia Barghian took to TikTok on Tuesday with a harrowing story to warn her fellow Torontonians that they should be on the lookout for any intruders surrounding their homes in the dark evening hours.

She also called out several unnamed Toronto Police Service officers in the video for basically blowing her off while she was in distress, and then telling her it was Mayor John Tory's fault for not giving them a bigger budget.

"Last night, we had an incident where someone tried to break into our home. It was calculated, there were two cars involved and one person directing the whole act," says Barghian in the TikTok.

"But besides that, I just want to explain what I dealt with with Toronto Police."

The young woman explains that during her first call to 911, police were "very accommodating," telling her at the time that they were on their way. Forty minutes later, when nobody had showed up, she called again. This time, the cops were less helpful.

"So this officer, I'm not going to expose him, but this officer told me to call the mayor because 'we're low on staff, and it's the mayor's fault' that they can't accommodate us," she says, arguing that this was a poor excuse for someone to use during an emergency. "You're supposed to help me out."

Two or three hours after the incident, she placed a third phone call to file a report, hoping that officers would attend her home.

"You know what the cop told me? The cop was like, 'because the intruder didn't stab or shoot you, you're not considered a priority'," she says.

"So, I have to go out outside of my house where the intruder is... I have to let him stab the shit out of me or shoot my brains out in order for the police to come to my house to protect my family's safety. I'm f*cking livid."

And it wasn't only the initial phone calls that made her livid, but a fourth follow-up call placed the day after the home invasion attempt.

"You know why I'm livid? Because it's 24 hours after the incident. Did the cops even try to make an attempt to come? No. They told me call the mayor, email the f*cking mayor, because it's his fault," she says.

Getting nowhere on the phone, she attended a local police station and was once again "told the same thing, that because the mayor cut all the costs and reduced a lot of things, there's low staff and they're not able to accommodate everyone."

As the TikTok post racks up views (177K and counting as of Wednesday evening,) Toronto Police say they're concerned to be learning of what Barghian says happened.

Toronto Police Constable Sean Shapiro uploaded a video to the Toronto Police Traffic Unit's surprisingly-active TikTok account today, responding to Barghian's claims.

"Hi, my name is Sean Shapiro from the Toronto Police Service," he says in the clip. "We saw your video and we're very concerned. We'd love the opportunity to speak with you further and get more information. You can reach me by DM or you can also email me... And I hope you do reach out."

"Since I have you here I just want to let you know that we encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with the conduct of a member of the Toronto Police Service to reach out to a supervisor to discuss those concerns," concludes Shapiro. "Thank you."

No word yet on if the woman has reached out to Shapiro directly, though she didn't seem keen on dealing with more cops at the end of her original video.

"Toronto Police, shame on you for not doing your job for not protecting Toronto. For not protecting the citizens of Toronto," she said.

"Crime has increased in Toronto significantly. You can't even feel safe in your own home anymore because of Toronto Police. So f*ck you Toronto Police and thank you."

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