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Toronto neighbourhood is celebrating after longstanding business ceases operations

A Toronto neighbourhood is rejoicing after a controversial business in the area officially ceased operations following years of backlash

Mimico resident Dan Irwin, who has previously spoken to blogTO regarding the denounced cement plant, ML Ready Mix, announced in a Facebook post that the business was officially leaving the neighbourhood. 

"It's a happy day in Mimico!" he wrote. "ML Ready Mix concrete has ceased batching operations as of Wednesday, November 30th." 

"Friday they are in the process of removing their trucks from the 29 Judson Street site for good - GOOD RIDDANCE!" the post continued. "They now have 60 days for decomissioning and vacating the site by court order that does not allow any production, receiving raw materials, or delivery of ready mix from 29 Judson Street." 

Irwin previously told blogTO that he's lived across the street from the plant since 1985, and is an active member of a concerned group of residents who have petitioned for years to convert the cement plant into a green space

Local residents have cited noise, pollution, toxic air, and allegedly reckless drivers as reasons to clear out the plant from the south Etobicoke neighbourhood. 

The business picked up considerable criticism in November 2020, when Toronto Police reported that a 59-year-old man travelling southbound on Royal York Road on his bicycle was hit by a cement truck making a right turn from Royal York to westbound Judson Street. 

Multiple local residents celebrated the ceasing of operations, writing, "wow...can't believe it...thought it would never happen." 

"Fantastic long overdue!" one person wrote. 

"That's great news I'll have a toast to that," another person said. 

On June 10 2022, the City issued a notice to terminate the tenancy of ML Ready Mix by June 30. However, on July 5, ML Ready Mix obtained an emergency injunction from a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to delay the eviction pending a hearing. 

Lead photo by Hector Vasquez

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