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Ontario resident checks how many zeros are in $1M after group of 27 wins lottery

It's apparently a very good time to be chipping in on that office or friend group lottery pool, as yet another winning ticket was sold to a large group that includes several Ontario residents.

If the story seems all too familiar, the latest winning ENCORE ticket comes hot on the heels of two other groups splitting wins 26 ways. This time, the number was at 27, sparing us all from a coincidence that would look just a little too fishy to accept.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced that the group of 27 from Northern Ontario — many residing in Timmins and Sudbury — and British Columbia matched all seven ENCORE numbers in the exact order in the August 6, 2022, LOTTO 6/49 draw to take home an even $1 million.

To save you some math, that's $37,037 per person split evenly.

That's not going to get you much closer to owning property in Ontario's bonkers housing market, but still probably more than enough to make a substantial difference for the average Canadian.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Waterloo Road in Timmins.

Sylvie, the group leader, told the OLG at its Prize Centre in Toronto that the friends have all been playing the lottery together for a decade now.

"We play LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 twice a week," said Sylvie.

"I checked the ticket and thought we won $1,000 and was very happy. I kept looking at the number and realized there were way more zeroes than usual. I woke up my husband so he could check too, and he couldn't believe his eyes!"

"I quickly grabbed my phone and googled 'How many zeroes are in one million,'" Sylvie laughed. "My husband and I started calling all the group members at 5 a.m.– it was one of my favourite phone calls ever."

With just over $37K in newfound wealth, Sylvie says she plans to pay off some bills and renovate her home. But she also plans to throw a family party, where she plans to celebrate with "a cake with a 6/49 sign as a memory."

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

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