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Ontario lottery winner had to check how many zeros were in $1 million prize

Zero is an odd number. It can represent nothing, yet when added to the end of another number, zeros are transformed into something much more significant.

One Kitchener resident found themselves counting a whole bunch of zeros after taking home a MAXMILLIONS prize worth $1 million in the October 21, 2022 LOTTO MAX draw.

Akramul Haque is now a million dollars richer, a retiree from the customer service industry who has been occasionally playing the lottery for a decade now.

"I only play LOTTO MAX," said Haque while collecting his winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. "I was drawn in by the high jackpot and volume of MAXMILLIONS prizes."

Haque purchased his winning ticket at Milk Convenience Fair on Courtland Avenue in Kitchener, and later discovered his lucky win while at a gas station, telling the OLG that the realization left him "stunned."

"It was unbelievable. I was speechless but so happy this moment finally happened," said Haque. "I was late meeting my wife and when she asked where I was, I said, 'Have you ever seen anyone win a million dollars?' She cried tears of joy – it was an emotional moment."

"I feel so blessed to receive this gift. Let me count the zeros," he said, holding up his oversized prize cheque for cameras.

Haque plans on using his winnings to improve his home and get out to see the world, telling the OLG that "This will make for a more comfortable retirement for me and my wife. We will complete some home improvements and be sure to enjoy some travel. It's a dream for me to see Italy."

Haque's winnings add to the collective sum of over $7.5 billion in prize payouts from the OLG since 2009, including 95 jackpot wins and 842 MAXMILLIONS prizes across Ontario.

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