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$36K raised in one day for nanny hit by truck near Toronto street construction

A GoFundMe fundraiser launched in support of a nanny that was hit by a pickup truck in Toronto earlier this week has raised thousands of dollars in just one day.

According to the campaign organized by Rebecca Wise, the nanny, Leslie, and three kids were struck by a pickup truck while crossing the street on the evening of Dec. 21.

Emergency crews were called to the area of Gloucester and Winnett Avenue, just south of Eglinton Avenue West shortly before 6 p.m. A woman was taken to a trauma centre while a child was transported to a pediatric hospital.

"Leslie took the brunt of the impact and has sustained serious injuries, including a broken femur and pelvis. Needless to say, Leslie has a long road to recovery," reads the call for donations.

"Anyone who has met Leslie knows how incredible she is. She is the most caring, smart, responsible and just generally wonderful person out there," the post continues.

"When Leslie was hurt in the accident, all she wanted to know — despite the immense pain she was in — was whether my kids were okay. That's just who she is."

According to the fundraiser, Leslie has her own family who she helps to support, including a baby who will be turning 1 in a few weeks.

"Please consider making a contribution through this page to help ease the financial burden of Leslie's recovery and to help her and her family get all the help they need," Wise wrote.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser has eclipsed its $35,000 goal with more than $36,000 raised so far.

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Rebecca Wise

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