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kringlewood santas

Toronto neighbourhood taken over by giant inflatable Santas

Now that the winter holidays are starting to roll in, it's time to decorate your home with festive decor and nothing else screams Christmas like a massive inflatable Santa on your lawn.

Once again, a Toronto neighbourhood has been completely taken over by Kris Kringles.

The annual tradition of putting up 14-foot-tall inflatable jolly old St. Nick on their lawns has returned to Inglewood Drive.


If you're not familiar with Kringlewood, it's an annual tradition in the Moore Park neighbourhood on Inglewood Drive where neighbours come together to put inflatable Santas on their front lawns.

This tradition started back in 2013 and has been done every year since.

The festive inflatables are available at most major retailers such as Canadian Tire, Amazon and Walmart but be aware as they come with a hefty price tag. The decor ranges from $50 up to $250.

This year the neighbourhood has over 50 inflatable Santas lined up the streets.


Kringlewood is meant to bring holiday cheer to the neighbourhood but back in 2020, some Scrooge walked around the street and slashed the Santas, causing them to deflate. Hopefully, that doesn't happen again.

For the past couple of years, the annual street party was cancelled due to restrictions. Instead, people were encouraged to drop off items at their nearest Daily Bread Food Bank. There is no word yet if there will be a street party this year.


You can find Kringlewood on Inglewood Drive between St. Clair East and Rosedale Heights.

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Fareen Karim

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