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ttc subway closure weekend

4 TTC subway stations will shut down for one day this weekend

Travel through the heart of Toronto might get a bit complicated this weekend thanks to a scheduled shutdown of subway service on the busiest stretch of the TTC's Line 1.

The TTC is reminding passengers that subway service will not operate between Osgoode and King stations on Saturday, December 10, attributing the latest scheduled closure to ongoing track work.

Anyone needing to travel the curve connecting Line 1's Yonge and University-Spadina branches on Saturday will instead be forced onto the most dreaded two-word combination in Toronto transit: shuttle buses.

Passengers arriving at Union Station on GO and VIA trains will have to navigate to street level for connections to the subway system, which should translate to a good day for that queue of cab drivers always lurking on Front Street.

Matters will be further complicated for anyone requiring accessible connections.

As King Station currently lacks barrier-free access, customers with accessibility requirements using the Yonge side of Line 1 during the closure are instead asked to exit trains at Queen Station and seek out a trusty red-shirted TTC customer service employee for assistance.

Even though you won't be able to ride the subway across this four-station patch of Line 1, the TTC reminds customers that all stations on the line will remain open for the purchase of Presto fares and connections to streetcar and bus routes.

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