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Toronto temperatures are going to swing by 20 C in the next week

Toronto will soon get a small break from the unexpected frigid temperatures we've seen this past month. However, don't put your puffer coats away just yet, because the wam bliss will be extremely short lived. 

It's been a cold and snowy start to the fall season, with an icy snowstorm blasting through southern Ontario in mid-November. 

Temperatures reached below zero conditions for the first time, and came to a low of -7 degrees celsius from Nov. 20-21. 

According to the Weather Network, Toronto will see a high of 11 degrees celsius on Dec. 3, representing a jump of almost 20 degrees celsius from the past few weeks. 

The weather is expected to warm up by this Friday, where we'll see a high of 7 degrees. 

toronto weather

Temperatures for the next few days.

However, this break from the bone-chilling winter air won't last too long, and we'll be right back at a high of 2 degrees by Sunday. 

Temperatures will dip below the national historical average past Dec. 7, where highs will range from 1 to -2 degrees, and lows will stay between -8 and -4 degrees.

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