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Mysterious pole appears in Toronto and an investigation reveals what it's for

A new structure has gone up right at Yonge and Adelaide and nobody seems to know what it's for.

It's almost too mundane to notice at first but also very "new" looking and without graffiti to catch your eye.

Its base sits up right on top some freshly poured asphalt - you can tell it's new because the asphalt doesn't have any gum or dog poop smeared on it -  another clue that this pole was just recently added.

As I investigated the pole, snapping pictures like a delusional cameraman, I knew it wasn't just *any* street pole I had seen before.

pole torontoAnd so, with adrenaline pumping in my veins, I started diving into pole-gate, hoping I would uncover a secret network of pole-builders and win a Pulitzer for my dedication.

First step was to email the city's media department, with a subject line reading "URGENT media request."

An email was flipped back to me rather quickly, indicating that it was a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) pole.

Next step was to ask the TTC media department about it. I waited nervously hoping they would respond with more than a five-word answer.

pole torontoWhat happened next, dear reader, is why I knew I picked the right career choice as a reporter.

A five-sentence response confirmed the City's answer, the pole was indeed TTC property, but it serves "multiple purposes," or a multi-pole, if you will. 

"We need it to hold up overhead cabling on Adelaide when we start using it for Ontario Line construction diversions. The pole replaces one that was about 10 feet east which was unstable," they said.

Though not nearly thrilling as a rogue contractor erecting poles across the city, the case was closed, pole explained and my hard work paid off. 

Have any more random pole sightings in the area? Send them my way.

Lead photo by

Sabrina Gamrot

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