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toronto humane society van stolen

Heartless thieves stole a rescue van from the Toronto Humane Society and that's not all

In this week's episode of "humanity is an unsalvageable trash fire," a pair of thieves broke into the Toronto Humane Society and stole a van and other valuables that the animal welfare organization uses for pet rescues.

The astonishingly cruel theft came on the eve of Giving Tuesday, which the Humane Society said in a statement it uses to "reflect and give back after all the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday."

Instead of celebrating, employees at the Humane Society say they "woke up sad, confused, and above all – heartbroken," after discovering that two individuals had broken into the building overnight, making off with a rescue van and other valuable items.

In a statement, the Humane Society assured the public that "no staff or animals were harmed" and that ",easures have been put in place to protect staff and animal safety for the immediate future," adding that "Toronto Police were at the facility this morning and have opened an investigation as well."

Aside from the van's monetary value, representatives for the Humane Society are speaking out about what the theft means to the organization.

"This van was more than just a van. It was a rescue tool, a mobile lifeline that has carried hundreds of animals to safety, to security, and to the start of something new."

"It was recently there at Toronto's airport, waiting for a tiny puppy with a broken leg and a senior dog with medical complications. A loss this size for a charity which relies on people's goodwill and generosity, is significant."

The loss has understandably set the organization back, and it issued a plea for assistance from the public today.

"Asking for your help now feels strange because of the intensity of emotions that arise when we think of this unfortunate event. But the need has never been more urgent. We must replace the van as soon as possible to address our immediate needs."

The Toronto Humane Society has set up a donation drive specifically to cover the losses from the break-in, asking that community that has "stuck with us before" to step up.

"You have carried us through every challenge, every curveball. We hope to spread this message far and wide today so more animals can be rescued tomorrow."

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Toronto Humane Society

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