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Someone is walking around Toronto in a terrifyingly-realistic Grinch costume

Christmas may not come (entirely) from a store, but I certainly hope the facade worn by an intensely-green dude spotted around Toronto this weekend did.

Otherwise, he should seek immediate medical attention for his ghastly complexion. And we should all run for the hills.

Yes, The Grinch (or rather, someone dressed up like the popular holiday anti-hero) was out and about in The 6ix on Saturday, looking and moving so realistically that footage might kind of freak you out.

Or is that just me?

Whatever your personal thoughts on (or fears of) the misanthropic Dr. Seuss character, it's impossible to blame this weekend's Santa Claus Parade for the Grinch's surprise appearance in several residential Toronto neighbourhoods.

Toronto resident Stephanie Rose shot the following footage of what might actually be The Grinch walking down Jane Street near Annette Street on Saturday, Nov. 19 — more than a day ahead of Sunday's parade. 

In the clip, we see someone dressed up as a dead ringer for Dr. Seuss's horrifying, cat-faced muppet thing, patting his belly as he walks along the sidewalk, raising his hands at one point to greet passing cars.

"Everyone was loving it! They were honking and waving at the Grinch. Just laughing and smiling in general," Stephanie told blogTO this week.

"The Grinch did wave back at me but I had to keep driving so I didn't catch it on video unfortunately."

She didn't know why, exactly, the Grinch was around, but theorized that it may have been for some sort of street festival or appearance. That, she joked, or "maybe he was on his way up to no good?"

He most definitely was up to something shady, in my opinion — look at him! — but Stephanie, like most normal humans who aren't terrified of a fictional character from the world of children's literature, simply got a kick out of seeing something unexpectedly festive outside.

"I love the Grinch!" she tells blogTO. "It made my day to see him, especially showing my niece the video as she got really excited that Christmas is near!... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!"

Lead photo by

Stephanie Rose

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